Moving to Miami? Here are the hidden gems you need to visit!

Word on the street is that everyone from tech to finance is moving to Miami from NYC to SF! If you’re moving to Miami or thinking about it we put together the hidden gems you need to visit!

Mayor Francis’ Cafecito at Miami City Hall

Cafecito! Im sure you’ve seen the mayor talk about an introductory cafecito on Twitter at town hall but, what is it? Cafecito is a small Cuban coffee with a hint of sugar. Cafecito is a tradition that was created in Cuba when the Italians entered the country. The mayor is introducing everyone to the city with a cafecito.

If you’d like to find Miami’s best cafecito spots the Miami Herald Wrote an article right here and to claim the introductory Miami cafecito head over to Miami’s City Hall and it’ll be waiting for you!

El Bagel — Recommended by Auston Bunsen from First Round Capital

Pick up details available on El bagel’s Instagram

Now that you’ve had your introductory cafecito with the Mayor how about a bagel?! If you’re moving from NYC the first food you’ll be craving after a few weeks here is a bagel! Find exactly what you need at El Bagel in the Upper East Side (nope not NY’s Upper East Side but Miami’s). El Bagel was recommended by Auston Bunsen, a Miami local and a senior software engineer at First Round Capital.

Blue Space — Wellness Spot

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Now that you’ve had your bagel, let’s sit down and have a business meeting to talk about how we’re going to help build unicorns in Miami and end it with a delicious lunch made by a local chef!

Blue Space is a rentable spot along side the water for you do disconnect and reconnect with your thoughts or even have a nice quite meeting.

True Baristas Coffee — recommended by Beyond South Beach

Picture credit goes to Beyond Sound Beach @beyondsouthbeach

Time for our afternoon coffee! Say, “hasta luego” to Blue Bottle and hello to Frank! Yes, this vintage 1965 Citroën Van custom built in France is called Frank and it’s creator is named Leo! It took a year & a half to build Frank but Leo’s been working on this project for over 6 years. Frank is serving a delicious, unique blend from Panama along with a few of Leo’s famous Demetrio signature coffees and baked goods made by Leo’s wife. True Baristas is highly recommended by Alex Klumpp from Beyond South Beach, a Miami local and food influencer. Frank will be stationed at this Brickell location for the foreseeable future ☕.️

Chef Alice Pandolfi

If you really want to take your afternoon coffee to the next level, next time order some authentic Italian pastries in advance! They are truly something special and hard to find anywhere else.

Chef Alice is an Italian woman, mom and passionate pastry chef who founded her first company here in Miami called “The Organic Bakery Miami.” Her company was born because of her intolerance to diary and gluten products while pregnant with her daughter. A Rome native, who has traveled the world and now embarking on a new adventure of creating her own brand.

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Fairchild Botanical Garden

Area: 83 acres

We should get back to work now but how about a quick post-lunch stroll with a colleague to really get the creative juices flowing…and what better place than Miami’s Fairchild Botanical Garden

In 1898 David Fairchild was responsible for introducing over 200,000 crops to the United States including kale, avocados, quinoa, soybeans, pistachios, mangos, nectarines, dates, and several types of wheat! David Fairchild and Mariam Bell (Alexander Graham Bell’s daughter) purchased a property in the Coconut Grove and filled it with exotic plants!

This Miami gem is absolutely breathtaking and these pictures do not do it justice. Please do yourself a favor and visit the Botanical Garden while you’re here.

Chefs Frankie and Wally

Alright, great day at work. Now we must go home but what shall we have for dinner with the family? How about some authentic ready-to-bake Lasagna?

Chefs Frankie and Wally recently moved to Miami just like many of you reading this article! They are a power duo who were forced to reinvent themselves as a result of Covid-19. Frankie and Wally met in culinary school while making bread and the rest is history. Chef Frankie has been working in the food industry managing restaurants for 15 years and Wally was working as a recipe developer and a health coach in NYC. They are now on a mission to make cooking enjoyable for everyone and to reimagine take-out food with their fresh ready-to-bake Lasagna.

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Chef Afiya also known as chef Fia

If you are moving from California and would like some authentic Californian cuisine instead, order some delicious food from Chef Fia. A true Cali girl through and through who just happens to love her way around the kitchen, and dining table.

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Natali’s Rooftop Yoga Class

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We all know Miami has some beautiful views but, there’s nothing like a yoga class along side the water! Miami has a budding health & wellness scene and our favorite class is Natali Melani’s Rooftop Yoga class! We recommend checking out her roof top classes at 10am EST.

Nabati Ice Cream

It’s hot in Miami we know! You’ll be craving some ice cream to cool down within the few weeks of being here. Nabati is your go to spot right in the middle of Wynwood Arts District where Spotify will be opening an office soon! Nabati serves a new kind of delicious vegan ice cream with flavors ranging from rose goji pistachio to CBD caramel cookie! While you are here say hello to Ola the owner who is from in Saudi Arabia but, grew up in California and also moved to Miami!

Coquito @titiscoquito

The holiday season is here, and Miami celebrates it with Coquito! Sometimes called Puerto Rican eggnog, the recipe varies by household, but traditionally it’s made with coconut cream, condensed milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and a healthy helping of rum. Mr. Eats 305, another local Miami food influencer, rated this Coquito made by Titis Coquito as one of his top choices when it comes to buying locally made Coquito!

Sarah Liss’s Miami Cooks Book

If you’re in the mood for a night in! Sara Liss’s cookbook is perfect for you. Her book will show you how to dine like a local right in the comfort of your home!

Bayfront Park

If you’re looking for a nice park to lounge with friends, play soccer or just soak up the Miami weather, we highly recommend you pay a visit to Bayfront Park which is a 32-acre public, urban park in Downtown Miami. It may not have the same hills as Dolores Park or the infamous “truffle guy” but trust us that it will bring you the same good vibes.

Chef Norman Van Aken’s “The Founding Father of New World Cuisine” recommendation

Chef Norman Van Aken told us he could recommend a slew of places, but one of his all time favorites is Robert is Here Fruit Stand. Chef Norman said on his radio show that, “a strong candidate to win the ‘most prized’ is the fruit milkshake addition on one side of the open air stand. People wait in line salivating in anticipation of the varieties of fruit rich concoctions that will be on hand in sync with the changing seasons.” We recommend listening to Chef Norman’s episode on his radio show where he goes into detail why Robert’s fruit stand is so special and the story behind it.

***fair warning — this is a little far south but worth the trip!

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